A Tax Boutique Supporting U.S. Connected Multinational Families and Their Businesses

To provide successful planning, together with our network of support specialists, our services take into account both U.S. and non-U.S. aspects and involve collaboration with accountants, attorneys, wealth advisors, and trustees from both U.S. and foreign jurisdictions. The U.S. connected aspect is given special attention throughout this process. Recognizing the intersection and nuances between U.S. and foreign laws, a coordinated effort is required to provide comprehensive legal and tax advice.

Management and Employee Participation: Law, Taxation, Structuring

Severiano Ortiz contributes to the U.S. taxation section of the German publication “Management and Employee Participation: Law, Taxation, Structuring” (“Management- und Mitarbeiterbeteiligung: Recht, Steuern, Gestaltungspraxi”) by Dr. Henning Frase / Dr. Christian Badura / Dr. Thomas Koch. Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag Stuttgart. February 2024. Full list of…

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